Saturday, June 11, 2005

WMCFpodcast Epsiode 3 - June 11th, 2005

Show Notes for WMCFpodcast Episode 3 - June 11th, 2005
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Played some music, ranted a bit.

Featured Songs:

Julia's Window - "Prevail"

The JimNdave Project - "Zee Dee Bop Dwee"

Amythest Fallen - "One More Excuse"

Treal - Swang On Everybody

Martyna - "Heroes"

Rants on:

CBS FM in NY, no longer the station of old.
Get off My Lawn!: When your beach town is desecrated by tourists.

Shout outs to:

Kid_cadavereye - you'll be hearing more of her in the future, can't explain why just yet.
Pink Pillz - One of my favorite podcasts. Click her link in Podcasts We Like on the right.

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